Just a reminder to anyone suffering from any disorder, addiction, or even just trying to change their diet. Relapses will happen. They will. The key is to Stop, Drop, and Roll. (Yes, that is also what you do when you are on fire. It’s not a coincidence that it is the same advice.)  You stop what you are doing, immediately, drop whatever it is that is causing your relapse, whether it’s a bag of chips, or a train of disparaging thought, and you roll on. Because you can’t go back, you can only roll on. Learn from it, but don’t stop.  Do not give up the whole thing. Especially if you also have AvPD, because your instinct will be to run. You will want to pretend that you never even tried to be better (or that you don’t deserve to be better.)  You do.  Everyone does. Except maybe Hitler.

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