A Little Kindness

So, I’m home on the weekend from my theatre gig. It’s father’s day and because I understand my husband we aren’t really doing anything except some serious fast food abandon (lots of Popeye’s red bean and rice, the big tub not just the little one.) And while we are eating John mentions that he’s going to have some of our friends over to play board games while I’m gone next week…and my stomach drops.

Our home is a mess. Almost all of our dishes are dirty. The recycling is completely overflowing. The kitchen floor is a petri dish. Laundry is almost its own land mass.  There are toys and toddler mess everywhere.  And on top of all that, at some point a fly the size of a pigeon has come to roost in our house, and neither John or I have been able to convince it to leave. And thought I would not call us pig sty people, the buzzing of that fly has been mocking me since I arrived Friday night.

So, of course, in preparation for John’s company this week, I roll up my sleeves and start cleaning.

Hold on. Hold on, I need to stop laughing at that… Hold on… give me a second… Whew… I almost couldn’t write that with a straight face. Good thing this isn’t a video blog.  

Nope. I did not start cleaning. I got totally paralyzed. And when I get paralyzed, I procrastinate, and when I procrastinate, I binge. Sure, I binge on a few snacks and food. But mostly I binge watch.  First, it was some 1950’s musicals, that way I could say it was for work. (I have a lot of choreography to do.) Then it was re-watching Downton Abbey (for the costumes, right? Still working.) Then I started watching Queer Eye on Netflix.

This show is not typically my kind of thing. I really prefer a script. Like the whole thing about “unscripted television” to me it’s like saying “fasting dinner.” It’s nonsensical.  But I am super enjoying this particular binge. And here’s why—

At the heart of this makeover show is not only inclusion, but a lot of heart. I will be honest, the grooming guy, Jonathan is occasionally a little silly for me. Jonathan Van Ness, the grooming expert, is a goddess among men and too pure for this world. Also, he is full of legit good advice, and so sweet. As are all of the boys. (I love you Tan! Antoni! Bobby! And you beautiful man Karamo!) Plus it’s really working that whole empathy thing. (Love me some mainstreaming empathy!)

Image result for queer eye gif

All I can tell you is that I expected to watch some harmless makeovers (maybe a little bit of sassy gay shade) and found myself sobbing for some of these guys. And while I started watching in a paralyzed state, I’m breathing a little easier with a little more faith in humanity. Which is kind of a big deal for an unscripted binge worthy reality show.  It reminded me of a shirt I just bought for the Little Prince. (It’s super cute, vintage style cotton, so I think the fab five would like it.) It says in big white letters, “A little kindness can change everything.” And that is ultimately what is happening. Showing men that have lost confidence, or let themselves go, showing them a little bit of kindness, and telling them they are important.

Related image

So, you should watch it. It’s really good. Me? I’m gonna go hunt down that judgmental fly and start those dishes.

Uh… after this episode.

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