Top Five ASMRtists

Like all great top five lists this will be in descending order leading to my very favorite ASMRtist. At the time of making this list, I am still new to ASMR so it is subject to change, as some of these artists I have only started watching but find something special about them. As I’ve said before there are literally millions of ASMR videos out there, so there is someone for everyone. And some that will make you say- hard pass.


From what I’ve explored thus far, ASMR Bakery is about “No Talking” triggers. At first this was what I preferred, thinking that a person talking to the screen would be too much for me, too close for comfort. And while I do occasionally like “No talking” ASMR, I find that I get more euphoria and mediation from things like face attention and affirmations. Something closer to real life Reiki. But for pure ASMR tingle there is nothing like nails and brushes on a microphone windscreen (that foam sock on the end of a mic.)

#4 Marno ASMR

ASMR taste-wise, I actually am not sure that Marno ASMR should be on my list. Because he will sometimes alert my sensitivities. Like if he goes too fast, I will get a small anxiety response. There was a scissors one that was great for listening, but watching scissors fly at that speed scared the bejeezus out of me. But… BUT I have seen a lot of interviews with him, and watched a few of his ASMR videos and I can tell that he is A) hilarious and B) obviously good at what he does. Being funny, honestly, will cover a lot of sins for me, so I will keep watching him to see if he makes something that works for me.

OKay, hold the phone- I’ve found his best video yet. It’s a personal attention and positive affirmation from the perspective of a burglar to his wounded partner in crime. The only problem I see thus far is I am too busy laughing to focus on anything else…. I’m still laughing. Oh my god… “Like this bag? I ganked it off this hipster kid at a bike shop.” LOL! Now that’s what I call a role play. I am dying here. Best death ever. LOL! He just pulled out a switchblade! Ok, I am spoiling everything. Just watch it. (No joke, I just moved him up a slot to #4. I need to watch more for sure.)

#3 Goodnight Moon ASMR

Goodnight Moon ASMR is definitely high on my list. She’s quirky and funny and almost unbearably adorable. For those that like role playing ASMR she has a lot of fun little characters and bits, not to mention some amazing production value. She also has some rambling montage style videos that are pure art. From a purely technical aspect, I think her ASMR is not as perfect as my #1, but still very, very good. Honestly, one of the main reasons she is not higher on my list, is because she is just too beautiful. It’s actually distracting how cute and clever she is. And as I’ve said before, that’s not why I am here folks. If I wanted to fall in love every time I opened an ASMR video it wouldn’t really be using them to help me with my focus or meditation. (Also because I prefer face attention ASMR and as seen above she was an adorable hot mess at face attention. She’s more of role play ASMR queen. But if I do want to just fall in love for a while, she’s my girl.)

#2 Elo asmr

elo is not only a great ASMRtist, she is also an adult-diagnosed autistic. She gives a great ASMR autism talk that is very informative for neurotypical people if you want more information about ASD or what was formerly known as Asperger’s Syndrome. But it is also incredibly reassuring to autistics like me to hear such a similar story to my own. Granted, no two autism stories are exactly alike, just like no two autistic people are exactly alike. But we do share a lot of common traits. And to me, that’s one of the most important parts of ASMR- connection.

Special shoutout to Lovely ASMR S, aka 17 year old Keegan. He is another ASMRtist on the spectrum. He also has the same curly hair as my son, so I just find him adorable. My favorite is when I can see his old stuffed animals in the background or when he involves his mum and dad. Pulls on my heart! (He would be on my regular list if it weren’t for the ASMR eating. Ack! Although I do give him points for his fast food choices.)

#1 Gibi asmr

Gibi was one of my first ASMRtist to watch. And is, still, my all-time, absolute, #1, favorite. Her ASMR is so fantastic, from the more prop-heavy triggers to face attention affirmations, I like it all. I even like the role play. That is a big deal. As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t like role play. I attribute this to her very warm and easy tone. You know, there’s a casting rule in theater that says, no matter what else, you have to like them right away… you like Gibi right away. This might be because of her big brown eyes, her easy manner, or the fact that she is an obvious nerd. (She does a lot of cosplay-style role play. Not my bag necessarily, but very endearing and fun.) It might also be because she was an ASMR consumer first. Whatever it is, she makes it look easy.

Interesting trivia: Gibi also has dermatographia. To me, this tells of her innate sensitivity. After all, when you’re allergic to touch, you have to be light with your fingers.

AMSRtists I want to try in the future:

I am also interested in finding more plus size female ASMRtists. Body size has absolutely nothing to do with your ability to do good ASMR and by no means is it a requirement but I do feel that plus size you tube stars have a harder time finding an audience. At least if we are going by views and subscribers. So if you know of an ASMRtist that I should check out, please let me know.

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