One down, 93 to go

Ok, I don’t know if it’s actually 93 projects left to go, but that’s what it feels like in my ADHD brain. Granted, it always feels like I have that many ideas or plans at the same time. It’s more or less, give or take… I don’t know, it’s a lot.

BUT one project is done.

I replaced my dining room light fixture and even though the replacement looks maybe too simple, it’s actually perfect. It’s energy efficient, with daylight tone, and cost effective. I’m pretty thrilled. I’ve always wanted to have solar tube lighting, which is basically a porthole from your roof. This is the closest I can get.

Here’s a Before and After- Cool and geometric but too dim to bright and simple. I think it makes for sense for a dining room that is also an art studio and a toy room.

Now like I said there are about 93 to go. I’m setting up my living room/office for my studio, mounting new lighting, organizing toys and clean laundry. I’ve done little bits of every project, including some outside projects because my buddy wanted to go outside… despite the heat and pollen.

How badass are those adorable hot pink shoes?

I’m working on my kitchen light as well. Which after I managed to wrestle first the ugliest fluorescent light, then the most enormous 1970’s recessed light box, I now have an escape hatch into my attic from my kitchen.

Yep, that’s the attic.

Why didn’t I finish the light project right away, you ask? Because our AC broke! So that derailed THAT project. But tomorrow, I will be going up into the attic to replace the junction box and repair the ceiling, then I will be FINALLY replacing the light.

Until then, the escape hatch is pretty cool, right?