I’m Not Taking your Workshop, Karen

God help me from people’s assertions.

This is what I just wrote in a frustrated facebook post, right after backing down from an argument in a comment thread.

It’s not that I even disagreed with this particular woman’s ideas, it was her assertion that everyone “could do it” that was ruining my day. In this case, it was that anyone could solve their mental health problems, without medication, through making the right choices.

She is partially right. Getting the right habits and coping mechanisms are the majority of the battle, but medication can help you get in the right place to make those choices… not will power, and most especially…

Not. Her. Fucking. Workshop.

The one thing I am taking away from this is to always check my assertions at the door when making any kind of comment or piece of advice, in person, online, whatever form it takes. Assumptions and assertions are the height of arrogance and I want nothing to do with them.

So I did learn something from her workshop pitch, I suppose…

The day you know something for certain is the day you stop listening.