Rage Against the Drive Thru

Confession- I called the kid at the drive thru window a dick. John was proud. Me? Not so much.

Yes, he was being a bit of a dick. But I have made it a point in my life to be mindful of things that trigger my rage and anger. To be understanding and forgiving, foster the change I want and all that.

Sigh… This is the part of ADHD that few people talk about.


Not just anger, but out and out rage.

I’m a petite woman with a little voice, so my rage doesn’t look like much. But it feels awful. My large eyes get even bigger and I say things that I always regret.

So, I’ve got to deal- and start again. Or it will snowball into a guilt-rage-guilt-palooza. And I don’t want a palooza. I don’t like paloozas. I’m a quiet gay, like Hannah Gadsby.

This is me– starting again.

Sure, I have a million things to do. My car won’t start. My debit card is frozen because of some weird security nonsense that prohibits overseas purchases. My son won’t let me cut his hair despite his ongoing resemblance to a sheepdog. This DIY project is DIF because it will NEVER END- AND I have to plan for an awesome once in a lifetime trip that is giving me panic attacks because I am a weirdo…

But yes… Me… Starting Again…

Inhale. Exhale. Take your meds.

Start over.

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