Holly loves John is a humorous how to guide for do-it-yourself, home, food, art and living, all while being relatively batshit. Okay, that sounds harsh. Let me explain.

First, it’s important to know, that I, the Holly of the hollylovesjohn blog, is relatively batshit myself (so I can say that.) I am clinically sensitive, moody, and anxious with some attention and impulse control issues on top of my mental sundae. (Don’t let any of that scare you though, I’m mostly delightful. Mostly.)

But this does not stop me (not often) from doing the things I love. I write, I sew, I direct middle school theatre, and I voraciously consume books, tv, and movies. I paint, parent our three year old autistic son, and most recently, renovate our 1960’s ranch home, all while negotiating my anxiety disorder.

It’s not easy. It’s an everyday battle. Part of dealing with that anxiety is writing about it honestly, here. You’re welcome. Now you can feel better about yourself.

Want to know more? Read my story. 

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