Holly Loves John is a guide to living as a Queer Autistic woman in Middle America.

My Mission

My hope is that by being a witness to my life, other autistic or queer women will feel less alone. I also hope that other autistic families find solace in our journey with parenting an autistic child, as an autistic parent.

My History

While I have always been autistic, my diagnosis came later in life at thirty five years old. Before that diagnosis, I was misdiagnosed with Avoidant Personality Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, and Borderline Personality Disorder, like many other Autistic women. Interestingly, both my husband and I only came to understand our own true neurodiversity after our son was diagnosed autistic at the age of two. That was honestly one of the most pivotal revelations of my life. So after that, I felt that there was nothing to hold me back from living my life openly as both a queer and autistic woman. Not to mention, a queer woman who is madly in love with a man. Apparently, I don’t do anything the easy way.

I have also been a playwright and director for youth theater for nearly two decades. You can find my work at hollybeardsley.com