So, can we skip the awkward part? Because that is why I tend to ghost my problems. The awkward part where you quietly think about how flakey I am for not writing for almost a year, and that you’ll never trust me again.  Yes, that whole thing.

Or really, I’ll explain as quickly as possibly.  I haven’t written… because I thought I killed you.

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Husband and I are laying in bed. He runs his hand over my leg.

“Ohh, did you shave your legs?”


“So, it’s just gotten long enough now that it feels soft and silky?”

Silence. Finally, I make a low buzzing sound and sing, “Ding!”

“What was that?” he asks.

“That was the sound of me officially letting myself go.”

Silence again. 

“yes, but so silky.”


My memorial day weekend:

-Two trips to the Emergency Room

-An all expenses (not) paid overnight stay in the hospital, complete with IV drip and hourly blood letting

-A major diet relapse, including the cheese puffs I have just stolen from my toddler

sigh… Happy Memorial Day!


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