Plans, Plans, Plans… Wait… crap…

So that was a reference to my Plans, Plans, Plans, Yeah! post where I talked about my exciting plans to start an ASMR channel and vlog. Mostly, it was about equipment and my background in photography.

And in my excitement, I forgot the golden rule… Ask the experts.

I mean, we tell autism parents that all the time. Ask Autistics, well, I have now “asked” the ASMRtists and I have more information to pass on to you. I put asked in quotes because what I really did was search for videos on their personal ASMR creation advice. Of which there are a few…

(I kind of wish I had “asked” before I bought some of my equipment, but I am still pretty happy with what I have. Even if I did get carried away… crap, don’t tell my husband I said that. CRAP, he reads these! … Anyway, I’ll get more into that in a minute.)

This is about the experts. So, let me start with my first ASMR love… Gibi ASMR. This video is from 2017, and I like that because it was after she had been filming for about a year, which means that she was still comparatively a beginner, but with legit advice. She’s also, just so smart and likable. So it’s nice to listen to as well.

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ASMR fan moment

Okay, if you have already read my posts on ASMR you know that Gibi ASMR is one of my personal favorite ASMRtist. Like I’ve said before, it’s very clear how much she loves ASMR as well. Around the 19 minute mark of this ASMR video, you can really see her immersing herself in the sound. It made me so happy to not only listen, but to watch her listen. I heart her.

And here’s another from my new favorite Taylor ASMR. This is a haircut role play, which if you’ve read my blog, you know that I typically do not listen to… but she is so flipping charming and funny, with some really calming sounds… I just love it. I’ve listened to it several times.

ASMR & Autism Part 2

So, it’s been a little while since I first wrote my piece on ASMR and Autism, most of that has stayed the same, but upon further immersion, I have a few more thoughts that I would like to share.

Misophonia can occasionally make ASMR a real crapshoot. I will be enjoying a particular video of sounds and then someone has a more explosive “P” sound in the microphone and it’s like a small landmine going off. And the “wet whispering” that some people love, makes me want to physically cringe.

I am not trying to insult any ASMR creator that uses those triggers. It’s just my experience as an Autistic person with ADHD and OCD who partakes heavily in ASMR to mitigate some anxiety and focus issues.

For a moment, I thought about making some reviews for people that both love ASMR and suffer from misophonia, but I imagined that misophonia can be triggered by many different things. And after doing more research on other’s experience with misohponia, I was right.

Read this quote from Neurology Times:

A number of sounds can elicit the agitation characteristic of misophonia. Chewing noises are probably the most common trigger, but other sounds such as slurping, crunching, mouth noises, tongue clicking, sniffling, tapping, joint cracking, nail clipping, and the infamous nails on the chalkboard are all auditory stimuli that incite misophonia.

Most of the sounds that trigger misophonia are produced by the human body, but some misophonics become annoyed by the sounds of inanimate objects, such as clicking of a remote control or the whirring of a motor, although the degree of irritation is not usually as severe. Interestingly, people who suffer from misophonia do not experience irritation when they produce the same exact noises themselves.

Now, for myself, I can agree with chewing, crunching, wet mouth noises, nails on a chalkboard, also fork on a plate (not listed here), and the whirring of a motor. The whirring of a motor is actually probably my WORST misophonia trigger, so it’s funny that they say the irritation is not as severe. Look at me! Bucking statistics everywhere I go!

BUT on the more positive side, I think I have narrowed down my most beloved relaxation triggers. Here’s the list:

  • Still love finger fluttering, super consistent and beautiful
  • scratching your nails across almost any surface (not chalkboard, obvs.)
  • brushing, with soft brushes on a microphone, or brushes in hair (If it’s a wig though, it has to be good quality. You can hear a bad synthetic wig, I know that sounds snooty but it’s true. It’s something about the netting structure, has to be soft lace, not acrylic that will catch on a brush.)
  • Painting! Oh my goodness, painting is my new fave! More on that in a minute.
  • Big fluffy micorphone windsocks. Ohhhhhh… they are the best.
  • Personal attention and affirmation. It’s just good for the soul.
  • Reiki is still a big favorite. Although I prefer kind of the “modified” reiki that most ASMR creators use, and call it “toxic energy pulling” or something like that. If I am gonna have full blown reiki, I want it to be in person. For some reason it feels like acupuncture by proxy to have a reiki session over the internet. So you, know, without the proper “punch” essentially.
  • ACTUAL hair cuts or hair dressing. Not role play. I will get into that in a minute, too.
  • Make up “on you and me.” Informative and relaxing.

I think that is a pretty comprehensive list. Of course, I am open to new triggers and mediation sounds. I’m really starting to enjoy the creators who put a low level of rain or some other traditional nature sound under their ASMR. It adds a level of consistent sound that is very soothing.

Here’s the misophonia triggers. Again, I am not trying to insult or rag on any ASMR creator or enthusiast who loves these sounds, I am just trying to warn other misophonics who need to know before exploring ASMR.

  • As I said in my last piece, chewing. There is a whole sub-category of the ASMR genre that is just chewing and lip smacking. Shudder.
  • Crinkling sounds. For me, crinkling is just too loud and inconsistent. I don’t know that it triggers my misophonia, but it’s not relaxing either.
  • Overly wet whispering and breathy speaking voice. Not only does this occasionally feel a little too phone-sex-operator for me (no judgement, for real) but this majorly triggers my misophonia.
  • Inconsistent repetition. This is actually more of an OCD thing than a purely Misophonia thing, but if you are gonna repeat words, they need to be consistent or have an appropriate rhythm and crescendo. Otherwise you’re just tweaking out your listeners who deal with this kind of verbal inconsistencies all day, every day.

So with all that being said, I’d like to go back to the positive part of this post. And that is I have found some new favorite ASMRtists to share. First up is Caroline ASMR.

Caroline ASMR

Caroline doesn’t really need my help in telling you that she’s a great channel to listen to. She’s highly sucessful in subscribers and views on youtube. You can also find her on the Zee’s app, which I really enjoy as a more comment friendly place to get my ASMR. (Zee’s was also produced by my original fave Gibi ASMR. So I legit use this platform out of loyalty as well, just being honest.)

BUT MY FAVORITE are her brain massage videos. They really helped me through my COVID-19 headaches. Which were the worst headaches I had ever had in my thirty odd years of life. No contest. She’s also got some adorable merch that I plan on splurging on when I am no longer in trouble from my last shopping splurge. (My husband is thrifty, I am impulsive. Together, we try not to have too many financial arguments.)

Here’s one video that helped me especially, it’s also good for focus:

Perfect headache cure.

Next up is a seriously under-appreciated young ASMRtist-

Taylor ASMR

Not to be confused with Taylor Darling of Darling ASMR. Taylor is someone I discovered when I was trying to find more painting asmr. She started with some very Bob Ross style painting ASMR videos and evolved to more of her own style. Does a lot of Palette knife painting, which I LOVE. I seriously love a good palette knife painting. (A good palette knife sound too.)

She is so flipping adorable. I almost can’t handle how cute and sincere she is. She also is a budding talent in both art and ASMR. She’s really triggered that loyal want to protect feeling from me. Which, honestly, is a sign that I am very moved by your work and want to support it. Not that I am like a creepy stalker or something. It’s nerd loyalty. If you are a nerd, you know what I am talking about. If you aren’t, I’m sure you’ve seen pictures of comic-con. That’s loyalty, my friends.

Anyway, she’s really good at what she does, is super honest and funny, and is getting continually better and better. In a short time that I have been watching her channel, I’ve gone from charmed to super fan. (I also lived in Georgia for a short time, originally from Texas, so her accent is just like coming home sometimes.) From what I can see, she’s very authentic and should be on your watchlist. No matter what taste in ASMR you have.

Here’s one of her painting videos from about two years ago that just charmed the heck out of me:

She’s so cute. I seriously cannot handle how cute she is.

I’m on a very secret mission to try and get her to photograph her paintings and sell them on platforms like Society 6 or even Teespring. This secret mission usually involves me yelling at my computer screen, “Monetize your art! You deserve more money for all the good you are putting into the world!”

This is how most of my secret missions go. I know. I’m not a very persuasive person, not yet at least. My biggest compliment I can give to Taylor is that when I think about my ambitions to create my own ASMR channel and Autistic Vlog, I would study her for her effervescent quality. She’s that good.

So yes, look up these pre-approved ASMR creators but listen with caution! Misophonia is hard but it shouldn’t keep us from the things we enjoy!

OH! I forgot to mention why I only watch real haircutting ASMR instead of role play. Ok. It’s one of those trauma- RSD related issues. I am a big believer in getting your hair done in a salon. My sister is an Aveda trained master of hair and if I could only use her services, I would- although she does tell me what I want instead of asking me, but that’s older sisters.

You see, I tend to make hair stylists angry. I have A LOT of hair.

Let me show you a recent example of the size and thickness of my hair:

Fluorescent lighting is doing nothing for my almost middle aged face but you can see just how much hair I have. It goes on beyond the camera’s lens too. You can almost hear the sigh in my eyes. SO. Much. Hair…

I’ve tried to cut it all off, but then I end up looking like this squat mushroom type character. Very Mario Brothers, circa 1990’s. Oh, and by the way, my hair is not “teased” in that picture. It just hasn’t been brushed down. Eat your heart out, Dolly.

So, like I said, if I go to get my hair cut or colored, especially colored, hairdressers get VERY ANNOYED with my existence. This has always messed with my Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria qualities.

An example… One time I was getting my hair colored professionally, and the young girl complained, LITERALLY, THE WHOLE TIME. In trying to pacify her, I said, “I know that I have a lot of hair, I tip accordingly.” And she angrily huffed, “I would hope so.”

That was the last time I got my hair professionally colored by anyone other than my sister. I would rather make mistakes at home than be berated by a, well, I thought of a lot of unkind words here, but, by a young lady who apparently doesn’t like her own job. (I also paid WELL over a hundred dollars for that cut and color with a huge tip. Just to be traumatized for a decent job. It was not worth the tip I gave in compensation for EXISTING.)

SO, I don’t like haircut role play ASMR anymore because they bring up a lot of trauma memories. This is not uncommon for people who are either on the spectrum or deal with ADHD, or people like me, who are both. BUT I still really like the sound of scissors, and have had very relaxing haircuts in the past.

I have an ambition to one day create a relaxing haircut role play ASMR for people like me. But that’s way down the line. In reality, I think it would be better to just bring in my sister and record my own haircut. My brother in law is a professional in the film industry too. I KNOW! I keep trying to tell them they would be so good at ASMR. Maybe one day, they’ll listen and we’ll all benefit.

Again, my sister is also just very good. Even when she did that horrible highlighting cap on me when we were kids, I have less bad memories from that catastrophe than I do from strangers. And she was an untrained, bossy, sixteen year old girl. She also cut my face once, when she was about thirteen and using sewing scissors to frame the hair around my face. STILL prefer the face cutting to being judged for having too much hair. SO yeah, RSD is insane and thirteen year old beauticians probably need a little more practice. That’s why they have little sisters.

Top Five ASMRtists

Like all great top five lists this will be in descending order leading to my very favorite ASMRtist. At the time of making this list, I am still new to ASMR so it is subject to change, as some of these artists I have only started watching but find something special about them. As I’ve said before there are literally millions of ASMR videos out there, so there is someone for everyone. And some that will make you say- hard pass.


From what I’ve explored thus far, ASMR Bakery is about “No Talking” triggers. At first this was what I preferred, thinking that a person talking to the screen would be too much for me, too close for comfort. And while I do occasionally like “No talking” ASMR, I find that I get more euphoria and mediation from things like face attention and affirmations. Something closer to real life Reiki. But for pure ASMR tingle there is nothing like nails and brushes on a microphone windscreen (that foam sock on the end of a mic.)

#4 Marno ASMR

ASMR taste-wise, I actually am not sure that Marno ASMR should be on my list. Because he will sometimes alert my sensitivities. Like if he goes too fast, I will get a small anxiety response. There was a scissors one that was great for listening, but watching scissors fly at that speed scared the bejeezus out of me. But… BUT I have seen a lot of interviews with him, and watched a few of his ASMR videos and I can tell that he is A) hilarious and B) obviously good at what he does. Being funny, honestly, will cover a lot of sins for me, so I will keep watching him to see if he makes something that works for me.

OKay, hold the phone- I’ve found his best video yet. It’s a personal attention and positive affirmation from the perspective of a burglar to his wounded partner in crime. The only problem I see thus far is I am too busy laughing to focus on anything else…. I’m still laughing. Oh my god… “Like this bag? I ganked it off this hipster kid at a bike shop.” LOL! Now that’s what I call a role play. I am dying here. Best death ever. LOL! He just pulled out a switchblade! Ok, I am spoiling everything. Just watch it. (No joke, I just moved him up a slot to #4. I need to watch more for sure.)

#3 Goodnight Moon ASMR

Goodnight Moon ASMR is definitely high on my list. She’s quirky and funny and almost unbearably adorable. For those that like role playing ASMR she has a lot of fun little characters and bits, not to mention some amazing production value. She also has some rambling montage style videos that are pure art. From a purely technical aspect, I think her ASMR is not as perfect as my #1, but still very, very good. Honestly, one of the main reasons she is not higher on my list, is because she is just too beautiful. It’s actually distracting how cute and clever she is. And as I’ve said before, that’s not why I am here folks. If I wanted to fall in love every time I opened an ASMR video it wouldn’t really be using them to help me with my focus or meditation. (Also because I prefer face attention ASMR and as seen above she was an adorable hot mess at face attention. She’s more of role play ASMR queen. But if I do want to just fall in love for a while, she’s my girl.)

#2 Elo asmr

elo is not only a great ASMRtist, she is also an adult-diagnosed autistic. She gives a great ASMR autism talk that is very informative for neurotypical people if you want more information about ASD or what was formerly known as Asperger’s Syndrome. But it is also incredibly reassuring to autistics like me to hear such a similar story to my own. Granted, no two autism stories are exactly alike, just like no two autistic people are exactly alike. But we do share a lot of common traits. And to me, that’s one of the most important parts of ASMR- connection.

Special shoutout to Lovely ASMR S, aka 17 year old Keegan. He is another ASMRtist on the spectrum. He also has the same curly hair as my son, so I just find him adorable. My favorite is when I can see his old stuffed animals in the background or when he involves his mum and dad. Pulls on my heart! (He would be on my regular list if it weren’t for the ASMR eating. Ack! Although I do give him points for his fast food choices.)

#1 Gibi asmr

Gibi was one of my first ASMRtist to watch. And is, still, my all-time, absolute, #1, favorite. Her ASMR is so fantastic, from the more prop-heavy triggers to face attention affirmations, I like it all. I even like the role play. That is a big deal. As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t like role play. I attribute this to her very warm and easy tone. You know, there’s a casting rule in theater that says, no matter what else, you have to like them right away… you like Gibi right away. This might be because of her big brown eyes, her easy manner, or the fact that she is an obvious nerd. (She does a lot of cosplay-style role play. Not my bag necessarily, but very endearing and fun.) It might also be because she was an ASMR consumer first. Whatever it is, she makes it look easy.

Interesting trivia: Gibi also has dermatographia. To me, this tells of her innate sensitivity. After all, when you’re allergic to touch, you have to be light with your fingers.

AMSRtists I want to try in the future:

I am also interested in finding more plus size female ASMRtists. Body size has absolutely nothing to do with your ability to do good ASMR and by no means is it a requirement but I do feel that plus size you tube stars have a harder time finding an audience. At least if we are going by views and subscribers. So if you know of an ASMRtist that I should check out, please let me know.

ASMR and Autism

As some of you may know two very pivotal things happened in my life, I was diagnosed with autism at the age of thirty five AND (this one most of you won’t know) I also discovered ASMR. Don’t know what ASMR is? Oh man, you’re gonna love it. Or not. Me? It’s one of the best tools I have in my mental health toolkit.

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