Best Day of My Life?

There are a few days that are “supposed” to be the best day of your life. Graduations, big birthdays, childbirth, weddings… But for neurodiverse peoples those days are often the hardest. While I am stuck in my sick bed I have been doing a lot of instagram scrolling, a lot of swiping through my own pictures, and I happened upon all my wedding photos… and I got some… feelings.

Yes, of course, I had happy feelings. But I also remembered the reality of that day. Of how so, so many things went wrong. Of how I literally had to escape my guests and hide in a back hallway to deal with the sensory overload. How I got to talk to so many people that loved, but also how I HAD to talk to so many people that I loved…

So I want to share the reality of some of those beautiful photos… and for those of you that are perhaps neurodiverse, especially the socially anxious, and yet to be married, I want to give you some real wedding day survival tips to put on your “one day” pinterest page.

So first- the reality. My wedding was adorable. It’s true. I’m not going to pretend it wasn’t cute and entirely handmade. But it was not perfect.

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